Wholesale Odor Control and Cleaning Supplies in Bismarck

Even before orders came for millions of Americans to stay at home in response to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us spent an astonishing 90% of our time indoors. Facility managers in offices, housing units, commercial spaces and more are charged with ensuring good indoor air quality for the occupants of their buildings, and they have to choose options that are both safe and effective at controlling odors. 

Treat Odors, Don’t Mask Them 

This is the first and most important rule of odor control. The goal is to eliminate the odor, not just mask it. Keep that in mind as you consider which solution is best for your needs. 

Air and surface sprays are ideal for indoor air, fabrics and surfaces. They provide targeted, quick odor control and can easily be moved by cleaning staff from room to room. 

To neutralize odors that are deep-set in carpets and fabrics, consider carpet and upholstery additives. Odors in carpets and fabrics are notoriously hard to banish because they are absorbed by fibers. The right additives can do the trick, but they do require a portable cleaning system or truckmount. 

Gels are great solutions for areas that need continuous odor control. The gels release molecules in the air that remove odors as they evaporate, and they are activated by natural airflow. Place them in a wall mount, in a pan or on a shelf and replace them as needed. These are an effective solution for areas like gyms, meeting spaces, locker rooms or restrooms that may need constant odor control. 

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