Wholesale Cleaning Supplies in Bismarck to Keep Your Restrooms Clean and Safe

Your restroom is like a calling card for your whole facility and business. A smelly, unkempt restroom sends an unprofessional message about your facility, but a spotless, fresh restroom signals care, responsibility and professionalism. It’s more important than ever before to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe restroom to help your employees and guests feel comfortable. Stock up on our wholesale cleaning supplies in Bismarck and follow these tips to create a good impression and welcome visitors back to your facility:

1. Focus on Odor Control

Unpleasant smells can make even the most immaculate restroom seem dirty. Make sure that your cleaning staff always uses the proper restroom cleaners to get rid of the many different types of soil that can cause malodors and focus on thoroughly cleaning stalls, drains and urinals. These areas cause and trap odors, so making them a priority can leave your space smelling fresh and clean.

2. Use the Right Chemicals

Odors often emanate from ceramic tile and grout, which is a porous sand. To better control odors, rotate cleaning chemicals to attack urine and regular soils. Using both at the same time can be a hazard, but rotating will ensure that your tile and grout are always protected from odor-causing soils.

3. Make Regular Cleaning a Priority

A restroom that is sparkling clean in the morning can be messy, smelly and unkempt by the afternoon. Make an inspection schedule for your janitorial staff to keep on top of restrooms throughout the day. Your staff should note paper supplies, odors, the condition of the floor and vandalism, addressing each concern immediately as it arises. Frequently-touched surfaces like door handles, faucets, toilets and countertops should also be sanitized throughout the day to protect your employees and visitors from pathogens.

To learn more about how our wholesale cleaning supplies in Bismarck can keep your restroom clean and create a great impression on your guests, contact us today!

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