The Right Way to Wear Protective Gloves While Cleaning

Whether you work in manufacturing, healthcare, education or any other industry, you are largely responsible for your own safety. Practicing good common sense can go a long way, but we understand that certain precautions can be forgotten as soon as you rush to complete a task. That’s when accidents are most likely to occur. 

These types of injuries happen most commonly to the hands. Wearing gloves is important to protect yourself while cleaning, but wearing them isn’t enough — you have to wear and use them properly. 

Follow these nine best practices when cleaning to keep your hands safe: 

Always wear gloves when working with cleaning formulas, especially when using window cleaners, degreasers, alkalis, caustics and acids. 

For increased skin protection, consider wearing elbow-length or long-sleeve gloves. In addition to protecting your hands, these gloves will also cover your wrists. 

Remember that not all gloves are designed for all cleaning tasks. Some are designed to protect from body fluids, for example, while others are best for wearing when using chemicals. Our team is happy to recommend the best solutions for your particular needs. Contact us today to learn more! 

If you contaminate, rip or tear your gloves, change them out before continuing on with your task. If you work in foodservice, you should also change your gloves after sneezing or coughing. 

When taking gloves off, don’t touch the contaminated side with unprotected hands. To avoid this, pinch the top of the glove where it meets your wrist and pull it off so it turns inside out. 

After removing your gloves, toss them in an appropriate trash receptacle. 

Before you don a pair of gloves, wash your hands well. If you are using petroleum-based products, like hand lotions, make sure to wash them off completely. The ingredients in these products can alter certain types of gloves. 

While wearing gloves, avoid touching your nose, mouth and face. 

Unless your gloves are specifically designed for re-use, never clean, wash or disinfect them with the goal of using them again. Most gloves should only be used once, then thrown away. 

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