The Best Betco Carpet Care Products in Bismarck

Carpet care is an essential part of any successful facility maintenance plan. Our inventory includes the best Betco carpet care products in Bismarck for deep cleaning, removing stains and everyday care. Explore some of our featured products below!

Betco FiberPro Foam Control

This highly concentrated product quickly penetrates and knocks down foam to eliminate problems associated with recovery tank foaming. It’s fast acting, breaking foam on contact, and it’ll save you time and effort too often wasted in dumping recovery tanks. Use it anywhere foaming is a problem! Click here to order online.

Betco FiberPro ES-Steam Carpet Cleaner

This powerful blend of low foaming detergents is formulated specifically for hot water or steam extraction. It cuts through soil and grease lightening fast and brightens carpet fibers instantly. The special blend of surfactants rinses easily and won’t leave residue behind. For use in all types of carpet extractors! Click here to order online.

Betco FiberPro TLC Traffic Lane Cleaner

Quickly loosen and emulsify a variety of soils from carpets in high-traffic areas. This formula quickly penetrates and lifts grease and grime and is awesome for dry and et spin bonnet applications as well. It’s stain removal, simplified! Click here to order online.

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