Stock Up on Ice Melt Today !

We hate to say it, but winter is coming, and we know that sneaky storms can catch us all off guard well before the season officially begins. Prepare now by stocking up on ice melt! These two products are in stock today and available through our online catalog. Click here to place your order and be ready for when the snow falls!

Ossian Wintergreen Liquid Ice Melter

We love this product because it tracks less than dry material, helping you avoid costly cleanups of entryways throughout the winter months. It’s also easy on your wallet and vegetation, makes heavy snows easier to remove and can melt light snows on contact. Click here to order online.

Ossian Triple Melt Ice Melters

For the best in melting speed, choose Ossian. This product’s unique Activar process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time. When you need to get to a safe surface fast, Triple Melt can do the job and save you money along the way with its sub-zero melting power and safer use on vegetation and concrete. Click here to order online!

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