Spotlight on Multi-Clean

We are proud to partner with Multi-Clean to bring you the best wholesale cleaning supplies in Bismarck. For more than 75 years, Multi-Clean has been dedicated to providing commercial cleaning chemicals that are safer for people and the environment. By providing education with products that clean better and faster, Multi-Clean has promoted healthier indoor environments since their founding in 1934.

An $85 Loan and a Dream

In 1934, founders Ed Coulter and Norman McRae took out a loan for $85 (about $1,783 today) to start manufacturing machines and floor cleaning compounds to make cleaning easier. Twelve years later, the company fully incorporated under the name Multi-Clean and opened a state-of-the-art factory for manufacturing cleaning chemicals and equipment. Acquiring General Electric’s Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Division made Multi-Clean a force in the industry, and their innovative distributor training program helped them build a sophisticated network bringing together chemicals, machines and people to improve cleaning.


After selling the company in the 1970s to the HB Fuller Company, Multi-Clean was acquired by Minuteman in 1984. The brand was integrated into the highly successful Hako Minuteman line, and Multi-Clean earned a reputation for producing quality chemicals that made cleaning faster, easier and more effective.

Today, the Multi-Clean brand includes a comprehensive line of floor maintenance and cleaning products based on the foundations of support, training, education and quality.

We are proud to provide Multi-Clean cleaning products in Bismarck both in-store and through our online catalog.