Solving Restroom Odors with Fresh Products

In business, perception is everything, and restroom cleanliness can have a significant impact on how people view your business. Dirty restrooms are unforgettable in the worst ways possible, odors are a telltale sign of a less-than-clean space that will send your customers running.

Controlling odors can be challenging because there are many sources of odors in restrooms, but Fresh Products has a solution for each issue. Following these tips will ensure that every inch of restroom smells fresh and clean.

Tackling Urinal Odors

The hard surfaces surrounding urinals cause big time splash back, causing urine to scatter up to five feet throughout your restroom. This can lead to grout stains around the urinal and a linger odor.

Fresh Product’s Wave 3D urinal screen is designed to capture this urine under its elevated frame. The screens come in an array of pleasant fragrances to keep restrooms fresh, and each Wave 3D lasts for 30 days. When the urine is captured inside the screen, the Wave 3D breaks it down to reduce odors. Click here to order!

Urinal mats can further reduce odors. Fresh Products’ mats rely on a diaper-like material and absorbent gels to trap urine and uric acid. This reduces odors while also protecting floor tile in your restrooms.

Scents from Stalls and Commodes

The Eco Bowl clip air freshener from Fresh Products is 100% recyclable and provides 20 times the fragrance load of standard toilet bowl clips. Simply attach it to the side of your toilet bowl to eliminate odors at the source! This is the perfect air freshening solution for high-traffic restrooms, and each clip produces fresh scents for 30 days.

Floor and Drain Odors

Hard tile flooring absorbs moisture, and improper mopping or chemical usage can cause odors to build up. Drain traps are another common source of malodors in restrooms, but Bio Conqueror 105 from Fresh Products is the perfect solution.

Made using surfactants, this long-term odor fighter seeps deep into tiles where it encapsulates bacteria that causes odors. Over time, the bacteria in this formula builds up on grout and protects your floors from odors. It can also be used in drains — simply pour about 2 ounces directly into drains to eliminate odors.

Following these tips and choosing Fresh Products solutions can create fresher restrooms and better experiences for your customers, visitors and employees. If you have any questions about the best ways to reduce odors in your restrooms, contact us today!

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