Our Favorite Dusting Tools from Lambskin Specialties

Regular dusting must be part of any facility’s cleaning program. No surface is safe — from the floors to the ceiling and from the walls to the window sills, dust can settle anywhere. It’s a threat to health, unsightly and sends the wrong impression to your guests and employees.

Dust is a mixture of various components, including lint, fibers, tracked-in soil, human skin flakes, particulate matter and more. It can also include harmful chemicals, fungi and bacteria.

The right tools are required to properly remediate and prevent dust in your facility. The pros at Lambskin Specialties manufacture the best dusting tools available on the market today, and we are proud to have their products in our inventory. Here are some of our favorites:

dusting tools

For high dusting: When your light fixtures, ceiling fans, door moldings, pictures or window sills need a good cleaning, we highly recommend the 350EX. This hi-rise dust wand produces a gentle static charge and has a web of tiny fibers to create the perfect dust control system. Click here to view in our online catalog.

The S83EPPD lambskin synthetic duster is also great for reaching high-up surfaces. These multi-colored dusters are made from polypropylene fibers and extend to 83” with a flexible head. Click here to order online.

For dusting small surfaces: We love the 300FX for dusting railings, phones and other small surfaces. With soft natural oils, a gentle static charge and teeny-tiny fibers, this mini duster does the trick. Click here to view online.

For eye-level and delicate dusting: The classic Feather Duster Premium remains one of our favorite tools for dusting plants, ornaments, bottles and other delicate objects. The soft and supple ostrich feathers easily pull dust away. Click here to order online.