Janitorial Supplies in Bismarck for Concrete Floors

Concrete. It’s one of the world’s most durable and reliable building materials, which is why it’s often used for flooring in tough environments, like warehouses and factories. In these rugged work spaces, function often takes precedence over form, but you can still make your concrete flooring look its best by using diamond polishing pads. 

What are diamond polishing pads? 

Made with premium industrial diamonds, these floor polishing pads are long-lasting and versatile. Capable of creating a shining, scratch-free surface faster than granite pads, they range from 2mm to 8mm thick. 

ETC’s Diamond by Gorilla system of floor pads cleans and polishes natural stone, terrazzo and concrete flors without chemicals. The billions of teeny tiny diamonds in each floor pad will transform your worn, dull floor into a clean, shining one. 

Choosing the right pads for concrete floors 

Essentially, you should choose more flexible, thinner pads when polishing hard-to-reach or curved surfaces, and go for the stiffer, thicker pads for more aggressive jobs. 

The 200 Blue pad is the most aggressive and best for use after grinding or on damaged floors. The 400 Red is also aggressive and great for removing discoloration or scratches, leaving behind a matte or satin finish. 

If your floors haven’t been maintained and you want to clean the surface and remove small scratches, the 800 White is a great option. This pad will leave a slightly reflective finish. 

For floors that have been regularly painted, the 1500 Yellow is the ideal pad for prepping for high polishes. Use it to remove fine scratches and condition your concrete or stone floor for final polishing. 

For daily maintenance, we love the 3000 Green. This gives the floor that coveted “wet look” shine and works well on stone, concrete, terrazzo, VCT and tile floors. 

Our team is happy to recommend the best diamond polishing pads for your concrete or stone floor. Contact us today to learn more!