Preparing for Winter: The Importance of Ice Melt in Bismarck, North Dakota

As the leaves change color and fall gives way to the colder months here in Bismarck, it’s time to think about winter preparation. More specifically, it’s time to think about ice melt. This simple, affordable solution ensures that the surfaces around your business remain safe and passable, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Understanding Ice Melt

Ice melt is a term used to describe various compounds that melt ice and snow by lowering the freezing point of water. The key is to apply these compounds before a snowstorm or frost, effectively preventing ice from forming a hard layer on surfaces. However, it can also be used after a snowfall to accelerate the melting process.

Why Use Ice Melt in Bismarck?

Safety is the primary reason to use ice melt. Icy walkways, driveways and parking lots can become hazardous quickly, leading to slips and falls. Ice melt helps to maintain clear, safe walkways, reducing the risk of accidents.

Ice melt also protects your property. Ice accumulation can cause significant damage to concrete and other hard surfaces as the freeze-thaw cycle leads to cracking and crumbling. Using ice melt can significantly reduce this risk.

Recommended Ice Melt Products

In Bismarck, where winters can be particularly harsh, having a reliable ice melt product on hand is essential. Here are a couple of options you might consider stocking up on:

Safe Step Pro Plus Ice Melter

Safe Step Pro Plus Ice Melter is a highly efficient and affordable option. The combination of magnesium chloride and sodium chloride provides potent melting power, working effectively even down to -7° F/-21° C. Plus, it includes high-visibility blue crystals, aiding in visual application to ensure thorough coverage.

SnoMelt Instant Ice Melter

SnoMelt Instant Ice Melter takes ice melting to the next level. Its calcium chloride pellets instantly generate heat upon contact with ice and snow, accelerating the deicing and melting process. It works more than five times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters, and it won’t attack concrete chemically or physically. Note that, like all deicers, it should be used as directed to avoid potential harm to vegetation.

How to Use Ice Melt

Using ice melt is straightforward. Simply distribute the product evenly across the surface you want to de-ice. The high-visibility crystals in the Safe Step Pro Plus Ice Melter make this task even easier by allowing you to see where you’ve applied the product. Always remember to use protective clothing when handling ice melt products and store them in a safe, dry place away from children and pets.

Stock Up on Ice Melt Today

With the North Dakota winter just around the corner, now is the time to prepare. Stock up on your ice melt products today and ensure that you’re ready to keep your surfaces safe and clear, no matter what the weather brings. Remember, the key to effective winter preparation is early action. Don’t wait until the first snowfall — start your preparations today. Click here to order our top-rated ice melts in Bismarck online!