Creating a Program for Effective Equipment Maintenance in Bismarck

Taking care of your floor cleaning equipment is vital for ensuring peak performance, getting the best return on your investment and reducing safety hazards. And having a solid plan for equipment maintenance in Bismarck is essential. Follow these tips to keep your equipment in tip-top shape!

Compile an Equipment Inventory

You should know all the different types of cleaning equipment used in your facility or by your cleaning business. Creating a thorough inventory will help focus your maintenance planning. Include both manual equipment like brooms, mops and dusters plus electrical or mechanical equipment like vacuums, scrubbers, extractors, steam cleaners and other heavy equipment. Record the age of the equipment, its state of repair, expected longevity and how essential it is to your operations.

Perform a Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Your assessment should include all tasks and equipment encountered in your facility and other potential hazards like slips, falls or other injuries. Make sure you have documented proper use of all equipment and safety procedures.

Equipment Maintenance in Bismarck

Review Your Maintenance Options

There are two approaches to floor cleaning equipment maintenance in Bismarck: run-to failure and preventive maintenance. We highly recommend preventive maintenance, and here’s why:

A run-to-failure approach is reactive and only repairs or replaces equipment when it breaks down. This is fine for smaller pieces of manual equipment or those that won’t cause your business to suffer should they break down.

For everything else, we highly recommend a preventive maintenance strategy. This means scheduling regular maintenance on heavy-duty equipment like your vacuums or scrubbers so they won’t break down unexpectedly and cause significant losses to your business.

Floor cleaning equipment maintenance in Bismarck

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