Chase Products: Committed to Environmental Stewardship

Environmental responsibility is key tenet here at D&E Supply, and we are proud to partner with many manufacturers that share the belief that green cleaning is more than a trend, but a way for us to protect our planet for future generations. Chase Products is one of those manufacturers tackling environmental stewardship in a number of ways on an ongoing basis.

Chase Products

Greener Life Cycles

Chase’s propellants, packaging, procedures and formulas are always being refined. Through their membership in the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), Chase stays current with emerging findings in sustainability science. That information helps them create products with the lowest VOC levels possible while still getting the job done right.

Chase has also partnered with the US EPA through the DfE Program. Currently, six Chase products meet this qualification and more are in development. This is part of Chase’s commitment to making safer products for people and the planet.

That dedication continues through packaging considerations. Most Chase products now come in DSC cans, which are two-piece containers that require less energy to produce than standard three-piece cans. DSC cans are also made with a minimum of 25% recycled steel. Some also include E-twist caps, which are made with less than 25% of the plastic in a typical double-shell overlap. All shipping and packing cartons are made from a minimum of 25% recycled paper, and all components are completely recyclable where facilities exist.

Resource Conservation

Chase takes their commitment to sustainability even further by changing many aspects of their facilities and workplace culture. Office paper, cardboard, plastic stretch film and plastic strapping are all baled for recycling. Metal containers from nonconforming aerosols are recycled, and the concentrate is sent for fuels blending. The propellant is then used for fuel in thermal oxidizers.

As Chase facilities need to replace equipment, they’ve reduced gas usage by 30% by adding computerized boilerplates controls. The installation of air compressors with variable-frequency drives has further reduced energy usage by 35%. Other changes include replacing older motors with high-efficiency models and replacing their original black roofing material with white material.

When you choose Chase products, you are choosing to support an eco-conscious manufacturer committed to making greener products and operating in a more sustainable matter. You can view our entire inventory of Chase products in our online catalog here!

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