Back-To-School Deep Cleaning Tips

It’s August, which means that soon, the hallways of Bismarck schools will be filled with teachers, staff and students. On their first day of the new school year, you want them to walk in and see sparkling windows, squeaky-clean restrooms, shining floors and fresh facilities. But back-to-school cleaning isn’t just about creating these great first impressions — it’s also about creating a healthier school environment.

After sitting largely unoccupied for the summer, schools accumulate dirt, dust and other contaminants that must be cleaned before students arrive. Conducting deep cleaning before the first day helps eliminate this bacteria, dirt, pollen and allergens and sets the stage for regular cleaning to combat the spread of contagious conditions.

Before the first day of school, focus on deep cleaning these key areas:

1. Restrooms

Ensure all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized by giving restrooms floor-to-ceiling attention. Disinfect the toilets, sinks, partitions, floors, urinals and walls to set the stage for regular maintenance, and conduct any repairs necessary to get them ready for students and staff.

2. Floors and carpets

Strip and wax classroom floors and hallways to make a great impression on day one, and pay special attention to carpets where young students may be crawling, sitting or sprawling. Pollutants, mold and dirt love to settle and hide in carpets, and cleaning them thoroughly can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. Break out your extractor to give them a good clean before the first day.

3. Lights and windows

Brighten the school by washing windows inside and out to let in natural daylight, and practice detail cleaning on all light fixtures.

4. HVAC systems

Now is the time to do preventative maintenance on your school’s HVAC systems to keep them running throughout the school year. Check for mold, replace air filters and wash down return air vents.

5. Locker rooms, weight rooms and gyms

These areas can harbor all kinds of harmful bacteria, including staph and TB organisms. Do a deep cleaning and sanitize all of the equipment and surfaces, then make a plan for routine cleaning and disinfection.

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