Avoiding Common Carpet Care Mistakes

The carpets in your facility create a warm, welcoming environment for visitors and staff, but carpets also require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. In high-traffic facilities, a carpet care program that includes the best methods and tools is needed to maintain appearance and reduce issues. 

Understanding all of the types of carpet care chemicals and equipment available today can be overwhelming, so we’d like to start with the basics. These dos and don’ts of carpet care can serve as a guide for the fundamentals and help you keep your carpets and facility cleaner, safer and healthier. 

Don’t skip regular carpet care. 

Carpet cleaning is too-often considered an afterthought and only taken seriously when a large stain or spot appears. But regularly caring for your carpets each and every day is the key to keeping them looking their best. 

Do install proper matting systems. 

Matting is one of the keys to keeping your carpets fresh and clean. Remember that more than 80% of the soil in any facility comes in through the shoes of visitors. Proper matting can trap this soil and prevent it from entering the rest of your facility, and the right kind of matting can also absorb liquids like snow slush and muddy water. Using indoor and outdoor matting at your entrances is essential for protecting your carpets. 

Don’t use the wrong vacuum. 

Vacuuming regularly can remove 90% of dry soil from your facility, but it’s vital to use the right equipment for your needs. We are happy to recommend our favorite vacuums for everything from plush carpets to low-pile rugs and everything in between. 

Do use the right chemicals. 

Stains happen, but your cleaning approach and chemicals should change depending on the type of stain you are facing. For example, oil and grease necessitate water-based, nonflammable formulas, but organic stains need solutions that eliminate odor-causing contaminants. 

To learn more about how our wholesale janitorial supplies in Bismarck can keep your carpets fresh and healthy, contact our team today!