4 Ways to Increase Cleaning Efficiency

When was the last time you considered the efficiency of your cleaning program?

If you can’t remember the last time you took a hard look at your procedures, you aren’t alone. Many facility managers are so swamped with day-to-day tasks (especially during the pandemic) that it’s tough to find time to evaluate your operation, but taking this step can ultimately save you time, money and effort. Follow these four tips to start the process and maximize both your supply dollars and labor.

Consider Your Staffing Levels

Are you trying to maintain a large office building with a limited team? Struggling to keep productivity up while ensuring employee morale stays high and your team stays healthy during the pandemic? Your staffing levels will directly impact productivity, morale, revenues and building conditions. Make sure your employees are given the time needed to clean an area well, and establish realistic rates of productivity and standardized cleaning procedures to use time efficiently and effectively.

Provide the Right Tools

The right tools can make the difference between cleaning efficiently and leaving a mess behind. In order to clean effectively, your staff simply must have access to chemicals, solutions, tools, paper products and other necessary supplies. Set up an inventory control process and stock up on wholesale cleaning supplies in Bismarck by shopping our online catalog. Your staff will thank you when they no longer have to go searching around for the products they need or stall a project while waiting for the right tools.

Train for Performance

The best way to drive performance is to train for it. Your team should know why you clean, how you clean and how to do it all safely. Create a training schedule for new hires and also to keep long-time employees from developing poor habits.

Simplify Your Procedures

As the amount of the thinking required to do a task goes down, productivity goes up. Simplify where you can by using multi-use chemicals, color-coding supplies to easily avoid cross-contamination and using the same types of equipment throughout your facility. This will help make cleaning second nature for your team.

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