3 Tips for Safer Cleaning in Industrial Facilities

Which do you think is safer, more efficient and more productive: a clean, organized warehouse or industrial plant, or one that is disorganized?

The answer is obvious — a clean, organized space is far more conducive to productivity and efficiency — but getting there can be difficult. While some organizations seek the services of outside companies to handle the maintenance and cleaning processes, others use an in-house team to do the work. No matter which option you choose, it is vital that the people tasked with cleaning your facility understand the inner workings of your space and the safety protocols that will protect them from hazards.

Following these tips can ensure your cleaning crew stays safe on the job:

1. Designate dedicated work areas for your cleaning crew.

Like your regular employees who work in a particular office or place on your manufacturing line, your cleaning crew should also have their own space. Set aside a closet just for them to avoid clutter and mixing chemicals and cleaning tools with your other materials.

Choose a space for cleaning supplies storage that has enough room for your staff to move around in and with proper ventilation. Prepping cleaning supplies requires a bit of room, so make sure there is space for replacing vacuum filters, stacking products and changing the brushes on a floor scrubber. Ensuring enough room for these tasks will keep everyone safe from tripping and out of harm’s way.


2. Teach safe chemical handling.

The range of chemicals your cleaning crew will come in daily contact with is wide. From bleaches to sanitizers and degreasers, these cleaning products can cause harm if used improperly. Making the switch to greener cleaning products can help reduce these risks, which may include headaches, coughing, lung damage and skin rashes. That’s why it is so important for your team to be comprehensively trained on the products they work with. If you’re interested in choosing greener cleaning products, contact us today! Our catalog features many greener cleaning supplies in Bismarck that can help keep your team safe and your facility looking its best.

Have cleaning labels and SDS info easily available so your crew knows exactly what they are handling and where to find additional safety info when needed.

Go over the proper protocol to deal with a splash or spill. which often occur when staff are transferring chemicals or diluting liquid solutions. Your team should know how to clean up all the products they use and which personal protective equipment should be donned when handling certain chemicals, like goggles, gloves or special clothing.

3. Increase visibility.

One of the simplest ways to keep your staff safe is to increase their visibility. High-visibility jackets or vests allow your employees to spot cleaning staff when they are in active work areas. Cleaning teams should also be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially when heavy machinery is nearby.

Creating a schedule for your cleaning staff that takes into consideration plant operations will also be beneficial. If a particular part of your plant shuts down at 11am, that’s a great time for your cleaning crew to get the job done.

Following these three tips can help keep your cleaning crew safe and your facility clean and productive!

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