3 Tips for Creating an Effective Infection Prevention Program

The best infection prevention programs have four components:

1. A comprehensive, well-thought-out plan
2. The correct cleaning products
3. Regular monitoring
4. An effective and consistent process

Making a mistake in any one of these areas can through your entire program off, increasing the risk of infection in your facility. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes facility managers make so you can avoid them and create the best infection prevention program possible for your facility.

Skipping Pre-Cleaning

There’s a huge difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and both are important for infection prevention. Cleaning removes dirt, impurities and germs from a surface, usually using a tool like a cloth and detergent and water. This step doesn’t actually kill germs, it just removes them. To kill germs, you have to disinfect.

For effective infection prevention, you have to clean surfaces before you disinfect them. Doing the steps in this order is vital because disinfectants can be disrupted by organic materials. For example, if a surface is soiled and you wet it with disinfectant, a component in that soil may reduce the microbe-killing properties of the disinfectant. If you clean before you disinfect, you don’t have to worry about this and have a much greater likelihood of reducing germs.

Rushing Dwell Times

We know you are busy, and there are many items on your to-do list as a facility manager. We love time-saving solutions, but never cut dwell times, the amount of time a disinfectant needs to be on a surface to kill microorganisms. Dwell times vary, but the industry standard is ten minutes. Check your cleaning products before using them, and respect the dwell time if you want your disinfectant to be able to do its job.

Using the Wrong Products

Like we said before, we love time-saving solutions, and using the right products can help you clean more efficiently. Microfiber cloths are one of those products. A regular wet cloth can remove about 30% of microorganisms on a hard surface, but using microfiber can remove a whopping 99%!

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