3 Summer Floor Care Planning Tips for Schools

School officials worked relentlessly during the coronavirus pandemic to keep students and faculty safe and healthy. Now that the school year is ending, it’s time to shift the focus to summer maintenance, including floor care.

Floors play an essential role in school safety. Summer break is the perfect time for deeper cleaning, including carpet shampooing and stripping, waxing and burnishing floors. This will ensure your students return to a spotless, hygienic and slip-resistant environment come fall. Follow these tips during summer break to make the most of this time with little foot-traffic in the hallways and classrooms.

Do Your Homework

Careful organization is an essential component of any floor care plan. Create a thorough floor cleaning schedule outlining when you envision focusing on each space in your facility. Inspect your floors to determine the proper strategy (Stripping? Finishing? Burnishing?) or if a good scrub and burnish will do the trick. Consider the chemicals and equipment you will use, stock up using our online catalog of floor care supplies in Bismarck and make sure you read all manufacturer labels before starting the project.

Invest in High-Performance Mats

One of the best ways to extend the life of your floors is to invest in high-performance mats for high-traffic areas. Take a look at your current mats to see if they need repairs or replacement before the new school year begins.

Make Deep Cleaning Carpets a Priority

Is your carpet heavily soiled? Is the nap flattened? If so, it’s time for a deep cleaning. During the school year, maintain your carpets by scheduling regular cleanings too for best results.